FÄLK was born of the wish of making coexist acoustic tones of jazz and of 80’s synthesizers subtle timbres. By staying as far away as possible of clichés, guitarist Gilles Yvanez gathered around his compositions musicians all havingin common their eclecticism.

At the crossroads of a contemplative music with Scandinavian accents and more energetic jazz from across the Atlantic, FÄLK proposes to make you travel beyond the styles, between written music and improvisations.

With : Mickaël Pernet [saxophone], Maxime Rouayroux [drums], Rémi Ploton [synthesizers], Romain Delorme [bass], Yvanez Gilles [guitar and compositions]

Upcoming show

October 03rd 2018 > Sunset Sunside > Paris [FR – 75] // October 11th 2018 > Le Taquin > Toulouse [FR – 31] // October 13th 2018 > Théâtre Gérard Philippe > Montpellier [FR – 34]

Keys dates

June 09th 2018 > Release Party ! – Festival Nuances – Victoire 2 > Saint-Jean de Védas [FR – 34]

> June 09th 2018 : first album release !