K O A  J A Z Z  C L U B

Since September 2012, Koa opened a « mini-season » in the form of a « Jazz Club », in partnership with the “Maison Pour Tous Voltaire”, which is situated just in front of the tramway stop of the same name, on the line #3. The objective of these rendezvous is to offer a comfortable diffusion space to the bands with which artistic affinities have been createdduring the course of musical meetings. It is also overcoming the lack of working and performing spaces with which the emergent music scene is confronted.

K O A  M E E T S  M Â Ä K

The meeting of 2 Europeans improvisation collectives, Montpellier’s Koa Collective and Brussel’s Mâäk around compositions which draw their inspiration equally from jazz, groove, african or contemporary music. The group made up of 10 musicians reinvents its modes of improvisations : soloes, improbable duets or trios, melodies played massively, sometimes delirious brass band or sometimes méga rock-band…

M U S I C A L  &  A R T I S T I C  D E V E L O P M E N T

As much as possible, the Koa Collective musicians go to meet musicians who have marked and are leaving their mark in the history of jazz & improvised music.

The most notable remains the regular work engaged with Steve Coleman, in Paris, New York or Montpellier and has been held over several years [since 2012].

C O L O R S  A N D  C E L L S

Musical encounter around the creation of a new set between the musicians of the Koa Collective [x4] and Ari Hoenig; New York drummer known for his subtle and tonic sound that binds him to his instrument.