Gaga Gundul 2022 tour #3 stop @ Perpignan [66]

Peemaï and the Indonesian collective Gayam16 stoped in Perpignan for the 3rd stop of their tour. From March 10 to March 12, the musicians took over La Casa Musicale‘s studio and worked on their repertoire Gaga Gundul. On Friday March 11 at night, they performed for a show case in the great venue of La Casa Musicale. A unique fusion between Java and France!

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© Collectif Koa & Samuel Berthet

Gaga Gundul’s sponsors: Occitanie Region, French Institutes Red, Hérault department, City of Montpellier, SPEDIDAM, the Indonesian Embassy in France, Occitanie on Stage and Occijazz. 


Teaser Gaga Gundul - Peemaï