Jazz meets kids

Playful and interactive concert

Jazz meets kids” was built on the idea of a meeting between a group of musicians and a group of children. We were able to observe that the children, according to their origins, their social environment, and their education, already have a rhythmic sensitivity which offers bridges, which they put forward by themselves.

Without obligation, each one leaves with what he has retained, ears a little more informed…

Pedagogical interests

  • to make discover the crossbreeding of the jazz music
  • to make accessible music that is little represented in the general media
  • to become aware of one’s position as a spectator and as a listener
  • to awaken the child’s sensitivity
  • to accustom the ears to hear different things

The target audience

Playful and interactive concerts already experienced with children from 5 to 14 years old. The aim is to homogenize the groups of children according to their age, our speech adapts.

The speakers

All groups are able to offer a “Jazz meets Kids” session – let’s talk about it! 

Artistic teams

Other transmissions

Courses & Master classes

Courses & Master classes

Artistic immersion between amateurs and professionals
Musical naps

Musical naps

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