Who are we ?

Jazz and improvised music in Montpellier

The Collectif Koa was born from a human, musical and artistic encounter within the big band class of the Regional Conservatory of Perpignan in 2006, directed by Alfred Vilayleck. After a year of work, it was inconceivable for these 9 musicians to stop there: the founding members met in November 2007 to form and create the Collectif Koa. For 14 years now, Koa has been making sure to address all audiences, and to promote the mixed origins of jazz and improvised music.

Our actions:

  • Artistic creation: by providing technical, logistical and financial support for projects developed by the members of the Collective.
  • Diffusion : by proposing an eclectic program in the partner structures.
  • Raising awareness & mediation : a playful and interactive meeting around a jazz concert, for the youngest “Jazz meets kids”.
  • Soundpainting : initiation to the language of direction [created by Walter Thompson] which is organized around an improvised and ephemeral musical creation. Musicians and artists of all backgrounds and levels can meet on stage.
  • Initiation to jazz improvisation: do not hesitate to contact us to build with our pedagogical team an adapted program.


Administrative teams

Artistic teams


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