Musical naps

Discovery, Meeting & Relaxation

The musical siestas are imagined as a restful concert, associating musicians with a melodic sensitivity and an obvious complicity.

Often organized outdoors, the musical siestas are entirely free and accessible to all audiences. Whether it is a family moment around a picnic, or a simple time of relaxation in the grass, the idea is that everyone can discover and appreciate the musical work according to their desires.

The choice of pieces, of very different musical styles (ambient, pop, jazz, abstract music), specially composed or chosen for the occasion, carry the listener away, notably thanks to the vibraphone and its soaring, mellow, woody, crystalline sounds.

Music to dream about, performances that invite to travel, to meditate or even to doze off. 

The target audience

Imagined and thought for all the family, the musical siestas want to be a suspended moment for all the public, young or less young, in solo or in group.

The speakers

According to the framework and the desire, the Collective constitutes an artistic team with variable geometry going from the duo to the quartet. 

The formulas

Contact us, we can imagine together this moment of grace according to your desires, and means.

Other transmissions

Courses & Master classes

Courses & Master classes

Artistic immersion between amateurs and professionals


from technique to practice
Jazz meets kids

Jazz meets kids

Playful and interactive concert