from technique to practice

Soundpainting – What is it? It is like a sign language that allows musicians, dancers and actors to compose a group, an orchestra where each one intervenes with what he/she can do. A master of ceremonies transmits to each person the set of signs that allow them to follow the instantaneous composition and try to become a conductor in their turn.

No prerequisites, no age limit (from 7 years old), we just ask you to be in a good mood and have a good dose of curiosity.

Pedagogical interests

  • Development of group play (listening, interaction, artistic involvement) with the idea of creating a public performance at the end of workshops.
  • Discovery of a new and universal sign language that develops the personal creativity of the performers through improvisation.
  • Learning to direct (as a soundpainter) a multidisciplinary ensemble (music, theater and dance).


Workshops are open to all participants, musicians, dancers, actors of all aesthetics, all ages and all levels.

The audience

Workshops and master classes are designed for everyone: from the amateur musician to the music school/conservatory student to the professional musician.

The teachers

The teachers are all musicians from the Collectif Koa’s formations and have a confirmed pedagogical experience.


Options are adaptable according to your request.

2 or 3 day course (5 to 6 hours per day) + public performance (about 45 minutes of performance with all the participants directed by the instructors)


Regular workshops (2 hours minimum to be determined with the participants according to the target audience – amateur / confirmed artists, music school, school, young audience…) + public restitution

Other transmissions

Courses & Master classes

Courses & Master classes

Artistic immersion between amateurs and professionals
Musical naps

Musical naps

Discovery, Meeting & Relaxation
Jazz meets kids

Jazz meets kids

Playful and interactive concert