Peemaï’s music is based on Laos’ traditional music, which we revisit by creating a kind of “World Ethnic Groove”, hypnotic rhythms and haunting melodies that recall the warm atmosphere from the banks of the Mekong river.

The melodies of the “Molam” (a kind of rural Lao blues) mingle with the electro and reggae grooves, and sacred music with Jimi Hendrix’ and John Coltrane’s sounds.
The idea is to mix the Lao music with our jazz, rock and electro culture to create a unique musical set.

With : Hugues Mayot [saxophones & keyboards], David Vilayleck [guitar], Alfred Vilayleck [bass], Franck Vaillant [drum & percussions]

Upcoming shows

October 14th 2017 > La Fraternelle – Saint-Claude [France – 39] // October 26th 2017 > Le JAM – Montpellier [France – 34] // December 15th 2017 > Le Pannonica – Nantes [France – 44] // December 19th 2017 > Scène Nationale de Sète [France – 34] // December 20th 2017 > Collège de Saint Nazaire d’Aude [11]

> This project has been selected for the Residence of creation Jazz in LR. > Project in coproduction Koa Collective and Shreds Company.