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Between the creation residences, the recordings, the concerts, the tours and other epics of the groups, the Collectif Koa lives many adventures. There are also transmissions with soundpainting workshops, master classes, workshops, jazz meets kids etc. Each experience is an opportunity for encounters, discoveries and surprises. And because the good things are shared, find here all the adventures of the Collectif Koa.

Sandra Cipolat Trio en concert au Festival le Piano dans Tous ses Eclats

Sandra Cipolat Trio was in concert for the Festival le Piano dans tous ses Eclats on October 1st in Grabels (34), salle de la gerbe.
Small glimpse in pictures of this magical moment where the group could reveal its repertoire inspired by the music of the cinema.

Nefertiti in creative residency at Victoire 2

Nefertiti was in creative residency from 28 to 30 September 2021 at Victoire 2 (Saint Jean de Védas, 34). The group was able to refine the illustrated concert for young audiences. A performance also took place in front of the young public of the school library on September 29 at 10 am. A performance which seems to have touched its public since the musicians answered various questions after the show.

Grand Ensemble Koa en concert à l’Astrada (Marciac 32)

On the occasion of the closing of the Jazz in Marciac Festival, the Grand Ensemble Koa played at the Astrada on August 4, 2021. An event that delighted both the public and the group, a true celebration of the return to the stage of the artists and the reunion with the public.
Thanks to Jean Jacques Abadie for the pictures.

Kunzit in concert at the Radio France festival in Montpellier

Kunzit was in concert on Saturday, July 17 for the Radio France festival. The occasion for the band to meet again the stage and the public. Thanks to Frank Bigotte for the great pictures !

Sandra Cipolat Trio in concert at the Radio France Festival in Montpellier

Sandra Cipolat Trio was in concert at the Radio France Festival in Montpellier on Thursday July 15, 2021. The repertoire which pays tribute to the great works of the 7th art seduced the public which knew how to find the sources of inspiration of certain pieces. A beautiful human experience after this long period without public.