Travel book

Between the creation residences, the recordings, the concerts, the tours and other epics of the groups, the Collectif Koa lives many adventures. There are also transmissions with soundpainting workshops, master classes, workshops, jazz meets kids etc. Each experience is an opportunity for encounters, discoveries and surprises. And because the good things are shared, find here all the adventures of the Collectif Koa.

Peemaï & Gayam 16 – Indonesian Tour [REPORT]

Back to the "Gaga Gundul" Indonesian Tour of Peemaï and Gayam 16 collective from November 19th and 29th 2022.

Koa Jazz Festival # 14

Back to the great edition of Koa Jazz Festival # 14 that took place from November 7th to 13th in Montpellier and its surroundings.

Peemaï & Gayam 16 @ Ngayogjazz [IDN] 19/11/22

Peemaï & Gayam 16 were on the stage of Ngayogjazz festival in Yogyakarta in Indonesia on November 19th 2022 during the "Gaga Gundul" Indonesian tour.

Peemaï & Gayam 16 – Indonesian Tour

Peemaï flies to Indonesia and tour with Gayam 16 collective in November 2022. Gaga Gundul returns!

Gratitude Trio “BIRTH” @ JAM 03/11/22

Gratitude Trio was playing its new record BIRTH at the the JAM in Montpellier on Thursday November 3rd 2022 and it was absolutely stunning!