Gaga Gundul 2022 tour #6 stop @ Détours de Babel festival [38]

Last stop of Gaga Gundul‘s tour with Peemaï and Gayam16 collective. They were all invited to Détours de Babel festival in Grenoble, on Friday March 18. A wonderful ending tour concert that closed the intense and beautiful Gaga Gundul’s tour. Gayam16 stays in residency at Détours de Babel festival from March 20 to March 26, to work a special repertoire with Alex Grillo. They will perform on March 25 and 26, a musical and visual show about Punakawan, Javanese puppets and shadow theatre. Read + 

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Gaga Gundul’s sponsors: Occitanie Region, French Institutes Red, Hérault department, City of Montpellier, SPEDIDAM, the Indonesian Embassy in France, Occitanie on Stage and Occijazz. 


Teaser Gaga Gundul - Peemaï