Nefertiti @ Saint-Romain-en-Gal 26 & 27/10/22

Once again Nefertiti‘s team was invited at the Gallo roman Museum of Saint-Romain-en-Gal for two days concert, around the ancient Egypt exhibition. 

The great Museum auditorium became a real antic setting with Nile’s banks, thanks to the animated illustrations of Olivier Bonhomme. The audience and the families let themselves flowed with music around the Mediterranean see. 

Line up

  • Caroline Sentis: voice
  • Patrice Soletti: electric guitar
  • Alfred Vilayleck: electric bass
  • Maxime Rouayroux: drums
  • Florian Vincent: sound engineer
  • Thomas Bringuier: light engineer
  • Olivier Bonhomme: illustrations
  • Daniel Fayet: stage designer
  • Pierre Soletti: voice over, texts

© Julien Bourreau

Nefertiti - Concert illustré