Watcher Hill 4tet

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Formed in 2012, Watcher Hill is primarily a human and musical encounter between musicians Jérôme Dufour, Rémi Ploton, Romain Delorme, led by drummer and composer Julien Grégoire.

The frameset posed by the music writing allows the group to better explore the freedom of their sound, giving free rein to improvisation, both in the manner of a folk ensemble, a pop band, or a more traditional jazz quartet to create a lively and hot music in a willingness to share.

Various sources inspire Watcher Hill : Brian Blade and Sting – for their song writing and especially the total universe developed within their groups -. The melodies are intended to reflect the legacy of traditional music, resulting in a movement of spontaneous and simple emotions. The influence of figures such as Wayne Shorter and Ambrose Akinmusire is also very strong in the management of he quartet’s improvised phases.

With : Julien Grégoire [compositions  and drums], Jérôme Dufour [saxophone], Rémi Ploton [piano], Romain Delorme [double basse]