Travel book

Between the creation residences, the recordings, the concerts, the tours and other epics of the groups, the Collectif Koa lives many adventures. There are also transmissions with soundpainting workshops, master classes, workshops, jazz meets kids etc. Each experience is an opportunity for encounters, discoveries and surprises. And because the good things are shared, find here all the adventures of the Collectif Koa.

Peemaï + Kokoroko @ Victoire 2 [34] on 05/11/2022

Peemaï played the first part of Kokoroko's concert at Victoire 2 on Wednesday May 11, 2022.

Kunzit & Taillades’ Orchestra @ Capdenac-Gare [12] 04/03/2022

Kunzit & Taillades' Orchestra concert with Les Nuits & les Jours de Querbes in Capdenac-Gare on Sunday April 3 2022.

Sandra Cipolat Trio “Final Cut” @ JAM [34] 03/31/2022

Sandra Cipolat Trio was performing on Thursday March 31 2022 at JAM Montpellier with its repertoire "Final Cut", for a final representation after one week of residency with Croix d'Argent High School choir.

Gaga Gundul 2022 tour #6 stop @ Détours de Babel festival [38]

#6 and last stop of Gaga Gundul's 2022 tour with Peemaï and Gayam16 collective at Détours de Babel festival in Grenoble!

Gaga Gundul 2022 tour #5 stop @ Saint-Nazaire-d’Aude [11]

#5 stop of Gaga Gundul's tour with Peemaï and Gayam16 collective on March 17 at Marcelin Albert High School in Saint-Nazaire-d'Aude. An educational show about Gamelan for students.