Travel book

Between the creation residences, the recordings, the concerts, the tours and other epics of the groups, the Collectif Koa lives many adventures. There are also transmissions with soundpainting workshops, master classes, workshops, jazz meets kids etc. Each experience is an opportunity for encounters, discoveries and surprises. And because the good things are shared, find here all the adventures of the Collectif Koa.

Nefertiti in creative residency at Victoire 2 in Montpellier

This creation for young audiences continues the development of its musical tale. With a creation residency from February 23 to 25, 2021 at the Victoire 2 hall in Montpellier, the group was able to continue working on its repertoire. Photo: Credit, Maxime Piccolo. ...

Kunzit in residence at the Croix d’Argent school in Montpellier

This sextet was in residence at the Croix d’Argent school in Montpellier from January 25 to 29, 2021. An experience rich in emotions, which was accompanied by art and music workshops. This residency ended with an improvised concert to the delight of the students. See the concert here. Credit Photo: Maxime Piccolo, Audrey Boiteux & Evlyn Andria. Video : Tom Martinez & Evlyn Andria ...