Kunzit & Taillades’ Orchestra @ Capdenac-Gare [12] 04/03/2022

An exclusive concert for the contemporary jazz sextet Kunzit, that shared its “Stellar tale” with the singular Taillades’ Orchestra, special guest. Les Nuits & les Jours de Querbes welcomed and supported this project in Capdenac-Gare, Ayeron. 

For several months, Alfred Vilayleck and Pascal Bouvier, Kunzit’s musicians, were usually going to Capdenac-Gare, giving Soundpainting workshops to Taillades E.S.A.T residents, and music master classes to students from Figeac and Capdenac-Gare music schools. Read + 

“Culture & social link” is an Aveyron County Council project built, with social actors, that introduces Culture to distant persons to create social link. Les Nuits & les Jours de Querbes’ project “discover yourself as a musician” gathered disable persons, music pros and music amateurs on Soundpainting, to create “Taillades’ Orchestra”.  

Photos © Les Nuits & les Jours de Querbes