Gratitude Trio @ Roskam Café [Brussels] 22/05/22

Gratitude Trio was in concert on May 22nd at Roskam Café in Brussels. Coincidence? The power Belgian-French jazz trio played at home and presented its last single ‘BIRTH’ from the titletrack album, released on September 2nd 2022 on the Belgian label W.E.R.F. RECORDS. Special thanks to Roskam Café for the enthusiastic welcome and to the warm audience! 

BIRTH: a blend of sensitivity and groove, contemplative vocals and raging solos. A music that is both sophisticated and organic, with an energy and boldness that characterize them. A cosmic and spiritual electronic jazz trip. + info

Line up

  • Jeroen Van Herzeele: tenor saxophone, EWI, modular synth
  • Alfred Vilayleck: electric bass
  • Louis Favre: drums, percussions, voice

Gratitude Trio - BIRTH