Gaga Gundul


“Gaga Gundul” project is an artistic collaboration between the French band Peemaï and the Javanese collective Gayam 16 about Javanese music. The alliance of Gamelan’s tunes and percussions and western instruments, leads to new colorful sounds. Inspired by both Javanese tradition, with specific compositions for this instrumentarium, and western arrangement and improvisations, as Peemaï mixes rock, contemporary jazz and electronic music. Fred Poulet, with his sensitive and careful eyes, is currently making a film to talk about this creative human and musical adventure, and spread Javanese music and tradition.


  • March 2022: French tour with concerts, residencies, Gamelan master classes
  • From November 17 to 30 2022: Indonesian tour
  • February 2023 : album recording in France and in Indonesia
  • March 2024:  French tour
  • April 2024 : Album release “Gaga Gundul”


Line up 


  • Hugues Mayot: tenor saxophone, keyboards, voice
  • Gilles Coronado: electric guitar, voice 
  • Alfred Vilayleck: electric bass, voice
  • Franck Vaillant: drums, voice 

Gayam 16 

  • Avyana Destyasti Lintang: saron, peking, demung
  • Sudaryanto: bonang, saron, peking, suling flutes, kendang
  • Azis Rifkyanto: bonang, saron, demung
  • Bevy Hanteriska: bonang, saron, peking, demung
  • Bagus Ariyanto Seputro Nasution: bonang, saron, demung


© Jean Berry

Teaser Gaga Gundul - Peemaï

Press review

To dive into PEEMAÏ’s record it’s like being lost in jungle of iconic sounds with jazz flights, drum’n’bass percussions and psyche and voltaic guitar riffs, that transport us to Asian lands, from Indonesia to Lao with gamelans and Javanese generous and happy singings. Suddenly, we all want to flight quickly to the volcanic island of Java and surrender to elements, surrounded by the very last Asian rhinoceros, touched by the light! Read +
Samuel Heyndrickx

A cheerful fusion between world music and enchanting jazz groove, Gaga Gundul is an unique and incongruous musical mix, the result of creative  and collective work. A generous musical set, a tasty experience that meets two universes, two cultures. A must see show and a must listen record!” Read +
Frédéric Bonfils

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