Gaga Gundul


The Gaga Gundul project is an artistic collaboration between the French group Peemaï and the Javanese collective Gayam 16 around Javanese music. The alliance of the timbres of the gamelan percussion and western instruments leads to new sound colors, a repertoire that draws from both the Javanese tradition, arrangement and improvisation as practiced by Peemaï (mixing influences of rock, jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz, etc.).
Peemaï practices them (mixing rock, jazz, contemporary and electronic influences), and, the composition of works specific to this instrumentarium.
Under the watchful eye of Fred Poulet, a documentary is being made to retrace this human and musical adventure, allowing us to discover Javanese music, from its creation to its diffusion.



  • Hugues Mayot : saxophones
  • Gilles Coronado : guitar
  • Alfred Vilayleck : bass
  • Franck Vaillant : drums
  • + 4 musicians of the Gayam 16 collective

Teaser Gaga Gundul - Peemaï

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